Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The Mobile App Developer and Marketing

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The popularity of mobile applications has skyrocketed. The pressure has shifted to the appdeveloper to build and present apps that are marketable. One concern for app developers is the fact that apps are often forgotten soon after they have been downloaded and used.  The challenge then, for app developers is to build apps that are effective and applicable to user’s lifestyles and interests and can be their go-to for some time to come.
Marketable App Development
There are three concepts build into apps that will help keep users engaged long after the initial download. Consider building in these three features to leverage marketing efforts.
·         Actionable Applications
Action apps are focused on how the user is going to use the app for commerce. This can be a broad range from purchasing tangible goods to paying to contract for services. These commerce specific mobile applications give customers a direct line and make it easy to purchase their content, music or tangible goods.
·         Informative Applications
Informative apps are the perfect fit for users who are looking for facts and figures. Informational apps don’t have the capability of selling or buying. It engages the user through offering them the information they are looking for right at their fingertips. Offers include things like account balances, comparing prices of airline tickets, or offering a fresh look at headline news. These actions may lead to commerce, but do not offer it directly.
·         Communicative Applications
It is so much easier to tap an icon and reach a digital destination than it is to type in a long URL. Think about social media platforms. These are perfect examples of mobile apps that are used to facilitate communication.
App Developers and the Consumer
How an app is going to be utilized, or add value to the consumer is of the utmost importance. Of course, the most basic answer is to provide them a means to make life easier and provide for stress-free digital activity. Consumers want an app that gives them what they want as instantly as possible. They want to indulge themselves in buying, selling or gathering data. Smartphone users typically have numerous apps downloaded at the same time and are also getting updates from them daily. However, the challenge for app developers and marketers alike is how fickle users can be.
App Developer Marketing Strategies
Attracting consumer’s attention can be the biggest marketing challenge for the app developer. Another marketing challenge for developers is offering the user more value than the norm as well as the competition. The need is to not only attract a consumer, but keep them for future commerce for the long term. More than ever, apps must contain pushbutton notifications for new features and built-in reminders of special offers. There should be consistent bug fixes and new features to keep it engaging and ahead of the competition.

Developing a marketable app is only limited by the marketer’s lack of vision. Designing and aligning an app to a business model requires ingenuity. You are taking the consumer on a journey, design apps that make their lives easier and provide more than what competitors have to offer.

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