Mobile apps offer great opportunities to not only market your brand but also to create a revenue stream on their own. You can create an app that helps people more easily shop with your company or get branded information, or you can create an app that is a product on its own that makes you a profit.
Whatever kind of app you have, you need to develop a sound marketing strategy for it to help it stand out from the increasingly crowded marketplace. Here are a few of the best ways you can market your mobile apps to get more downloads and more engagement:

Content marketing

Content marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to promote any brand, product, or service. By creating useful content, you are attracting the attention of your target audience without trying to overtly sell to them. For your app, you can create content that is on-topic or that is about the app itself. For example, if you have an app that lets people track their food intake and exercise, you can write content about why it’s important to track these things or about how the app helps them to meet their goals faster, and so on.
You can write the content yourself and try to get it placed on high-quality sites that are most likely to reach your target audience. However, you may want to consider hiring a company that offers content creation services as it will likely have a proven system and established contacts in place that will get you results faster.

Native ads

Native advertising can be a bit like content marketing, but instead of publishing content on your own site or even pitching and publishing guest blogs on other sites, you are writing content and paying for the privilege of having it published. You could write a sponsored post in which your link appears somewhere in the content or in the byline, similar to the informational content you would publish on your own site. Or you could write a sponsored review of your app.
Native ads can take any format – their defining characteristic is just that they take on the look and feel of the site on which they are published. But native content advertising is highly effective and engaging. People are much more likely to read these ads since they do not identify them as ads but as useful content. People are much more likely to click through on native ads and to take action, such as signing up for more information or installing the app.

Appstore ads

Traditional advertising can also be effective if it is designed properly and placed in the right location. The app store is one of the best places to get visibility for your app since people will be there already looking for new apps to install. The right ad can grab your audience’s attention and get them to install your app.
Without ads on the app store, your app is likely to languish in anonymity. There are millions of apps on any given app store – how are you going to stand out? You can’t just hope to get featured. You need to take the situation into your own hands and put your app at the head of the pack.

Post-install events

You don’t just want people to install your app; you want them to also be engaged and to take action after they are already using the app, such as by purchasing your products or services or clicking on your ads. Otherwise, your app is nothing more than a novelty that drains your resources.
You can encourage activity post-install by offering exclusive discounts for products or services. You can also offer promotions like free shipping or a free gift with purchase. Not only will people be more likely to act with these kinds of offers, but people who don’t have the app will be more likely to install it if they know that such exclusive offers are available through the app.
Mobile apps can be highly profitable if you market them properly. Use these tips to get more downloads for your apps and more profits from those who are using the apps.