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Things to Make Sure of Before Publishing Your App

by michael kordvani from

Everyone wants to release apps these days. With the proven success that many app developers have experienced over recent years, it’s not surprising at all that multiple people want a slice of this pie.

The trouble is this pie is already highly saturated, with many fingers pulling and poking for a bite. That doesn’t mean you can’t release successful apps of course, it just means you need to be completely prepared before you publish your app to the relevant app store.

To help make sure you are ready to release your app, we’ve come up with some things; a checklist of sorts, that you should consider before you make that final plunge. After all, the first impression your app makes will leave a lasting impression on all of the users that encounter it. That means if it isn’t ready and is flawed and unusable, you’ll find yourself falling victim to bad reviews - and that’s the death of your app before it’s even began. So, what exactly can you do to put yourself in the best position for success?

Starting at the beginning
Before you think about releasing an app, you need to make sure you haven’t wasted your time creating something that has been done a thousand times already. This step is something you should do right from the start, before you even write a single line of code.

Research your idea or concept and see how many apps already exist that do what you’re offering. If the answer is quite a few, then perhaps think of ways you can make your app different, or adapt the idea to something else. Or, worst case scenario - scrap the idea completely.

If it turns out there isn’t a single app in existence that resembles your idea then maybe you should stop and just think why that might be. Is it because nobody has the genius mind you have to think of the idea? Or is it because the idea just isn’t something people want?

Monetization Strategy
Before you progress further, you should decide on the monetization strategy you’re going to implement. Again, this is something which is best done during the very early stages of app development.

You could do this later on, but if you decide right from the off that the best chances of success lie within a freemium model - implementing these features from the beginning will help your app grow with this strategy rather than feeling like an afterthought. The most popular strategies to consider are:

  • Free (With ads)
  • Paid
  • Freemium
  • Subscription

Figure out which one would suit your app best and then integrate it correctly and efficiently.

You’ve worked hard and created this awesome app. You’re about to upload it and then you realize you’re only offering it to English speakers. Sure, it’s a widely used language, but what about everyone that doesn’t speak English?

Adding full localization into your app design, including graphics, texts, strings etc will seriously benefit you in the long run. Don’t settle for something like Google Translate for your foreign translations either (unless it is your only available option). Instead, offer people a free trial or an ad free experience or a paid version for free in return for them translating your content for you.

APK Size
The last thing we’ll look at before we get into the fun stuff is the APK size of your app. The APK is basically the file which contains all of the information needed to install your app onto someone’s device. The smaller this file is, the happier your users will be.

Sure, we live in a world with 4G data and WiFi everywhere, but people want things quick, especially for people who are still struggling along with a 2G data connection.

To reduce the size of your APK, consider ways to shrink the size of your images (without losing quality) and if need be, host a lot of your content on an external server which can then be downloaded within the app after installation. This ensures you don’t lose those users at the first hurdle.

Okay, now onto the fun stuff…

Screenshots & Video
Your app isn’t finished just because you’ve polished it, ensured it is suitable for multiple languages, got a great idea and have the APK ready to upload. In fact, your store listing is incredibly important and can make or break your app.

The first thing you’ll want is some really good screenshots. They need to be high quality, showcase your app and showing off the features and strengths. Half a dozen really well thought out screenshots can instantly improve your chances of success.

Add a video too. Statistically, users are more inclined to watch a video and then go on to download the app, providing the video is well designed. You’ve done most of the hard work already, so now you just need to cross the finish line. Invest in a high quality video.

Other than your screenshots, the thing which will draw any potential users in is your app icon. This will be displayed on the users device after installation and it will be what catches their eye in the app stores. You don’t want to upload a poorly designed graphic here else you’ll seriously ruin your chances of success. The hard work you have put into your app design will benefit with an eye-catching app icon, trust us.

There is one more point we haven’t mentioned because it should be something routinely done before even thinking of uploading your app, and that is testing. Before you launch your app, you need to test it on multiple devices (or emulate different devices if you can’t physically use anything else) and make sure it works and there aren’t any bugs - or at least any glaring bugs which will ruin the app for people.

You can also do a soft launch which is restricted to a particular demographic or location, test the waters and see what feedback you get. You could then implement any necessary changes and do a worldwide launch to yield stronger results. It all depends how patient you are.

Ultimately there are many things you need to do before your app is ready for release, but if you follow the steps mentioned above then you’ll be well on your way to ensuring success is as good as it can be. It’s never guaranteed, but if you take your time and don’t rush, you put yourself in a much better position

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