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5 Digital Marketing Trends that will Repeat Itself in 2017
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There are two things similar between fashion and marketing, one is their dynamic and ever changing nature and the second is their trends. While there are some new trends every single year, there are a few trends that are absolutely constant; again there is that group of trends that keeps repeating themselves from time to time. Here we are to speak about those digital marketing trends of 2016 that proved to be extremely successful and will be repeating their success stories in 2017 as well.
Importance of Digital Marketing:
Products and services are not introduced to consumers over night, especially when businesses want to sell them online. Businesses have to come up with strategic and result driven digital marketing campaigns and promote their offerings on leading social media platforms and other sites to allow their products and services come in contact with the online consumer’s notice. Here is where the role of a number of digital marketing tools and tricks come into play. Some of the most potent tools of digital marketing include- social media, PPC (Pay Per Click marketing), Video Streaming, sponsored ads, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and most importantly content marketing with the help of leading blog, paper and college essay writing service. These tools and hacks help businesses spread the word about their product and services and turn their business goals into actual profitable outcomes.
Digital Marketing Trends you should be looking out for in 2017:
As mentioned above there will be numerous digital marketing trends which will extend their fruitfulness in 2017 as well. Some of these include-
  1. Mobile Optimization
Traffic is what you are looking forward to from the moment you start with your digital marketing campaigns. Over the last year, far more amount of traffic was noticed to be directed from smart phones and tablets as compared to computers. This year is expected to be no different. In case your business website is not optimised for mobile phones, it is time that you look into achieving mobile optimization. This makes navigation on your site through mobile devices a lot easier, more comfortable and also efficient for smart phone users, rendering better customer satisfaction and increased traffic.
  1. Local SEO is more important than ever
With the now active status of My Business, Google is paying more importance than ever to local seo. With tags being kept on black hat seo activities, the need for proper and strategic seo promotion, to increase your ranking effectively and law-abidingly on search engines has become imperative. To boost their local seo, businesses need to create a Google account first, followed by effective use of My Business.
  1. App Store Optimization
Over the last year about 52% of internet users have been tracked to use different applications to serve a specific function rather than conducting random searches on search engines and different sites. This obviously provides them with better functionality. In case your business does not have an app, it is time to get one followed by optimizing it on app stores for its better visibility. Also use in-app analytics to measure app open rates, click through rates and conversations to make effective use of the app.
  1. Selling on Social Media
The platform that immediately boosts your organic reach to hundreds and thousands of people every single day is social media. Leading social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, are not only great places to promote your products and services but also sell the same. Use your facebook pages and Instagram accounts to increase your follower base and sell your offerings to them directly.
  1. Enjoy the benefits of Content Marketing
There is no better medium to promoting your business’s products and services than using the content marketing as your much loyal weapon. The creation of useful, crisp, informative and unique content that extends some kind of value to the reader and urges them to take interest in your products is key to achieving success for your e-commerce venture.
Apart from these, some of the other major trends of 2016 you are sure to see in 2017 as well are- email marketing, Instagram sponsored ads, facebook advertisements, live video streaming, link building, guest blogging, on page seo, social posts, voice search on search engines, etc.

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