Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Netflix ups app install advertising on Facebook in US

Netflix entered the top 20 app install advertisers ranking on Facebook for Q3 2016 in the US, while Lyft topped the Instagram list, according to Sensor Tower.
Based on share of voice (SOV), a way of measuring how much a brand or product is talked about, Netflix increased its Facebook presence by upping advertising around its original content, as it faces slowing growth in the US, the report said.
Three of the top five Facebook advertisers were from the shopping category: Wish, Mercari, and OfferUp (click image to enlarge).
Back in September, Facebook said it had more than 4 million businesses actively advertising on its platform, while Instagram had 500,000, up from 200,000 in February.
Lyft became the top advertiser on Instagram by share of voice in Q3, climbing from number 15 on the platform in Q2 2016. However, it didn’t make the top 20 on any other platform.
HBO Now was the top app install advertiser on Instagram by SOV in Q2, leading up to the sixth season of popular show Game of Thrones, but in Q3 it dropped to number 12.
Google and Pinterest
Meanwhile, shopping app maker Wish saw impressions surge on Google networks (AdMob, DoubleClick, Adwords, and AdX) in Q3, surpassing Amazon and placing the online retailer at number five for SOV leading into the holiday shopping season.
Ranked number seven in Q2 2016, the YouTube app moved to number 2 in Q3.
As for Pinterest, the number of brick and mortar retailers on its ad network’s top 10 declined slightly over Q2 as women’s clothing app Cupshe moved into the top spot, up from number nine in Q2.